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#720 – Easter lingerie bunnies

Two weeks untill May but I must be ready for the next patreon raffle and find the artist that will make another dream come true for the winner of the next edition. You still have time to join patreon giving the project the opportunity to grow up and get exclusives rewards or even a free illustration for the rafle winner… ^__^
I was looking to create a gallery from a folder that can automatically update adding or removing illustration in the folder but the existing CSS codes are quite complex and I must admit I’m lost with it. if anyone have a great tutorial for this or something that can help please tell it with a comment.


A little late for Easter but I’m sure we can still love to see that so ravishing and sexy bunny girl duo made by LadyBarbero for March patreon raffle reward. This month was a little special for sure, it’s Ixalon that was able decide about what girl to be with Rosalina and the situation but I added a little rule; it had to be Easter theme. Finally it was decided for a sweet duo with velvet from rwby‘ and LadyBarbero free to go with the pose she want. After all it’s great that way having the artist keep some fun and freedom.
Anyway there was a little mistake with the first sketch and I have to admit this was my fault. Ixalon asked for something sweet but on my message to LadyBarbero I told her to figure something ‘more explicit than sensual‘ instead of ‘more sensual than explicit‘. It’s from that error I received a really hot sketch with both girls enjoying a double dildo, anyway Rosalina face was still so cute and adorable. I told about my error to LadyBarbero and she was really kind redoing new one more romantic and sensual, thanks so much.
Rosalina and Velvet outfit are inspired by this illustration on the left, bunny-girl outfit is sure really sexy and this one with fishnet was even more sexy and original. I sent this one to LadyBarbero as reference for the outfits but was a bit sad the final piece don’t have the see-through effect as I expected, anyway looking closely you can see areolas appear so there is still a little transparent touch that I love. Another great parts are the perfect curves appearing with those tight outfit and the lingerie touch with stocking, LadyBarbero figured that mix into cuteness and sexiness so nicely… °w°
And if you wish to see even more of that powerfull mix, don’t missed visit her DeviantArt gallery. If there is an idea you dream to make really and would enjoy see in that style, don’t forget you can commission LadyBarbero from sweet and adorable pin-up to more explicit scenes she can unfortunately can’t share due to D.A. rules but you can see NSFW from illustrations she made for the project to have an idea.

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 10$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090

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