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#139 – Solo010 – Rosalina (what else)

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn

If I say busy, it’s a bad joke and the true word is lazy… I say it’s so bad, artist spend a lot of time draw Rosalina and they way long time before the pic come her, not fair… But if don’t want publish more than pic a day to be regular and can publish here a long time but now, I can miss publication; one each day… Of course…

In fact I spend a lot of time ask for drawing with Rosalina (who say I Spam?… Roooh…), and after I don’t really have courage come here and publish. It must be so nice see an artist say: I see you blog and love your idea, maybe I’ll draw something for you, without ask anything, it must be so nice… XD

So today it’s a really cute pic with Rosalina drew by Vanish12… In fact I always ask for request or submission but a lot accept draw Rosalina as request, same thing for Vanish12… Thanks for your kindness…  (^o^)/

Your Rosalina is beautifull, just a simple bust and simple situation but I’m happy have something more soft and cute to publish, It’s not because I’m a pervert I can’t like cute, funny or romantic drawings… Oter thing interesting with this pic, don”t say how explain it look to a colored sketch but it’s not a problem. Like this I have something more different, original and there is and other pic with Rosalina I love in the same style… Thanks again Vanish12.