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#610 – Quorra make the show

The curriculum page was one of the most damaged by the migration to blogger from wordpress after google closed my blog. So much things to do editing all posts or the gallery page as example but the curriculum really needed an update so here is it. Not it’s more clear and I added infos about Mario tennis and Rio 2016 Olympic games that will be release on June. Also missing Mario Maker but Rosalina make minor appearance.
Also got the visit and a comment from Suumunster that is one of the most popular artist on HentaiFoundry (and also blocked me on the site). She told me about the mistake writing Stay turned instead of Stay tuned. Must be careful about that point for now, thanks Suumunster. Also guys feel free with remarks and feedbacks. I do my best make the site good and attractive so your opinion is important. ^^


Today a new artist I discovered on hentaiFoundry that had an awesome style, O-N-E amazed me with his so sweet as sexy fairies and as if Rosalina is much more taller that it was hard for me to imagine about a great situations, I wasn’t able to resist drop him a message and ask O-N-E if he would be interested to participate to the project. It ended as commission but no fairy this time, O-N-E told me he was ‘thinking of having Quorra be the “dominant” one on top of Rosalina, choking her and fingering her while she squirts‘.
Can’t deny O-N-E‘s idea sounds really exciting and powerfull so I accepted to start with it. As for outfit Quorra keep her original suit cause she looks so sexy but with a little edit to have her tits (and butt) exposed. On other side due to my fetishes I asked O-N-E for Rosalina in lingerie and high heels, that kind of clothes always give a magical touch to this wonderfull princess… °w°
I also received a gif O-N-E made to show me to process with a little edit by Suika (thanks again). You can see the step by step and after that the only edit was to remove the Luma dick. I prefer them be able keep something and innocent and have a part of Rosalina story safe with her as protective and adoptive mother of the luma race instead of think they can do gangbangs.
I hope you like this new illustration guys, for more you can become a patreon member or feel free to enjoy more about O-N-E on his HentaiFoundry or Patreon. From sweet fairies to really more kinky piece and cartoon from realistic you must find some powerfull pieces… Oh yeah…

Artist: O-N-E / Cost: 30$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/oneerotica
HEntaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/O-N-E/profile

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