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#382 – Solo – New dress design (approved)

The videa is in progress, I filmed yesterday with the help on my friend. Some troubles so I hope the result will be great and now it will be time to work on the final video but it will be soooo long… U_u

Also some troubles, I was caught on the street by two little bastard who wanted my phone. I tried to resist a little but with two punchs in my face can’t do anything. so I lost my phones and glasses are destroyed so can’t really work on the video like this… Raaaaah…. U_u


After hospital and police station I’m back and have to work on the next post, I promised I’ll do my best keep the blog alive so let do it. Today it’s also an amazing illustration by ToraAkachan and you can’t imagine how I was excited to show this powerfull and gorgeous Rosalina… °w°

ToraAkachan is a really pleasant guy, amazing artist, owner on the OC Kyoko (on the right) and the blog kyokoneko.com. I discovered him with Kyoko that I love so much and you can read her story on the blog (here), it’s really fun and interesting.

I asked to ToraAkachan if a request may pick his interest, of course featuring Rosalina and Kyoko together. He said that he need a link who can connect these two girls together. Since Kyoko have a curious star friend you can be sure Rosalina was curious about this other “luma” and wanted to meet it. It was the original idea but finally ToraAkachan came with a solo Rosalina. A little sad about that but this illustration is just epic. Rosalina look so beautifull, and pretty sexy wearing this dress… I love this piece so much… °w°

funny detail, I asked to years ago to ToraAkachan if Roslaina and Kyoko can pick his interest and he answered: “I don´t want to get into trouble with Nintendo and showing their character involved in some hardcore-action with Kyoko might really screw things up for me; so I must decline, sorry“. Now he finally draw Rosalina and the result is so powerfull… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Last thing, the background is digital but Rosalina was made with traditionnal art. I made a little art trade with ToraAkachan, he sent me the illustration and I have to send him back a little present. I finally made some models with perler beads (damn, at start I wrote anal beads) but I’m sorry, dont’ have photo to show you… Just that ToraAkachan received a cute Luma and mermaid… ^^

Artist: ToraAkachan / Art trade
Site; www.kyokoneko.com
Deviantart: www.toraakachan.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/ToraAkaChan/profile

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