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#141 – OC – Tentacle Ivy

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The “Existing drawings” page was a great idea but due to some bugs and a huge script for each previews I must restart it with something more simple… But I have 145 pics now in the blog, it will be funny link all… I must finish it during the week-end if I’m not too lazy… Maybe… XD

So now it’s turn to talk about Rosalina (Oh yeah…), this time it’s Janse who had the kindness draw her as request. He have a great style so it was so nice see he accept requests or suggestions. Maybe for the moment requests are close but it’s not a reason don’t take a lok to his gallery here… There is some pics I love in his gallerie and I”m sure you will find nice pics (maybe if you are not only fan of guro, scat and other like this… I hope… ^^ ).

[Update] Ivy is really dominant Dra’ech (that’s her race), owns a slave Angedel named Sue (click here see her). Ivy has a third eye on her forehead (can’t be seen on that pic lol) and she has ability to control tentacles and tenlacle monsters around her (that explain the situation with Rosalina). She often makes experiements with Sue (and occasionally with diffent unfortunate people) how much can one endure being raped, often quite violently, by huge tentacles… So this pic look cute but it must be a really hard moment for Rosalina… ^^ [/Update]

So I’m happy to show Rosalina in a tentacle situation (maybe it must start soon). The other character is Ivy, A Janse‘s OC and Rosalina have an incredibly beautifull and cute face. At start, when I see the top of the pic, just Rosalina face was an incredible so when I see the full pic, just Wow… Beautifull, sexy, hot and wet… It’s an awesome pic… Thanks so much Janse… (^o^)/

What I can say now… Hum… Just a little quote because I love the title of the drawing in Janse‘s gallery, it’s more original than a “Rosalina X …” (In fact it’s the name of my blog… XD).

You have no idea what you are getting yourself into

Artist: Janse   /  Price: Request