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#652 – No good party without a kinky secret

You got all illustrations for Overwatch series (that you can see here), next one will be related to ‘Where is my pokemon?‘but there is still some ladies from Overwatch series that I want see with Rosalina so more will come. For now it’s time to show patreon raffles winner and some publications that are waiting since months.
Also for those who don’t know, cats suffer from asthma and mine had a huge crisis and goes to the veterinarian in emergency. She’s now safe and slowly recover a bit frustrated she can’t go outdoor enjoy the sun for a few days but on my side also got a 400$ bill. Pets can be so expensive and frustrating see after years of love it’s money that decide if they must live or not. Its deserves more time and love but that cost will need some restrictions next month, I’ll put the blog budget at 50% of it’s actual power.


I always want to get the best artists for the patreon raffle reward (with affordable price anyway) and it’s Uxdragon that was chosen for September one. Really love his style and illustration with Daisy and his OC Lysithea that you can see here, Wanted to get his art once again on the blog and the raffle was a good way make it happen faster. I asked Uxdragon if he accept participate and got a positive answer so had just to wait for August and the winner idea to make it happen. Hope you like the result guys.
It’s Chris that won and asked ‘Rosalina and Starfire from teen titans at the nightclub‘, a perfect theme for Uxdragon since her characters own and work in a club (also Lysithea is really kinky) so was ready for sexy party dress and booty shake. Also I asked for high heels (dat fetish) and nice surprise I had since Uxdragon gave Rosalina those star shoes I love.
When he was done with the pose and outfits, while sending me the WIP Uxdragon asked if there is a way turn it even more naughty, not easy on this scene but must admit I love that kind of challenge so was looking what can be kinky but discrete. I finally suggest him to show a little vibrator remote on Rosalina garter-belt suggesting a tiny vibrator, Rosalina in public getting even more excited why this little thing teasing her pussy (or ass) getting a bit wet. Uxdragon also added one to starfire at first but didn’t worked so nicely with her actual suit so it was removed, then I’m sure that little friend know about Rosalina secret and want to get some fun too… °w°
Many nice details as for Rosalina wand, Uxdragon said ‘her wand tucked in her skirt cuz the girl needs her wand‘, also love both suits really sexy but still something that can be wear to go at the club and shadings to make it perfect.
The only bad point isn’t on the illustration itself but with Uxdragon that is really sad how slow he goes with his art. Managing the blog since year you can be sure many artists are that way but when need to work with commission it’s hard get a price that is fair due to all time you spend but still don’t look so expensive. I agree like commission rules and that people always looking for cheap (or free) but all artists deserve a chance. Be sure Uxdragon is a pleasant man that always put his best on each illustrations.
Many links below and place to find him and enjoy his art, also you can consider support him on patreon, must be cool make him reach his 10$ goal at last to get more motivation and never stop practice, also wanted this commission to train him and make you see his level. Now what he really need is some love, support and feedback to be more confident and continue amaze us with his art skills and kinky ladies… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: 42$
Tumblr (SFW):www.uxdragonart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW):www.uxxxdragonart.tumblr.com
DeviantArt (SFW): www.uxdragon.deviantart.com
Patreon (NSFW): www.patreon.com/uxdragonart
FurAffinity (NSFW):www.furaffinity.net/user/uxdragon
Hentaifoundry (NSFW):www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Uxdragon/profile

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