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#056 – Dragon Age – Tabris

I haven’t time to publish yesterday and now I start to be really late, I say the artist I publish this drawing on december 2nd, now it’s 6th… Not good… And the blog reached 10.000 views… Nice thing but where are followers and comments… Are you alive guys?

So the more important is the blog have news… And thanks this time to the artist PandaDelight who accept my request and choose to drawn Rosalina with his custom Tabris city elf from Dragon Age… Enjoy… ^^

So it’s a really nice drawing, girls have really beautifull body and face, there is people who say they look a bit anorexicin… for me they are not anorexicin, not fat… Just perfect… If I need to fing something wrong, there is just a little error with Rosalina, she have hair in front of her left eye… And it’s the right… But it’s not the first drawing here with that error and she always look to a beautifull Rosalina, it’s the principal… I don”t really know Dragon Age so can’t say a lot about Tabris… She look really nice and I love her hair style (but my favorite is always Rosalina… XD).

So the artist write this description especially for the artist quote, thanks to him:
Rosalina is not a character that I am overly familiar with, but easy enough to replicate in my own style. I was at a loss, at first, as to who she should be paired with- but thought of my favorite RPG (Dragon Age) and decided to use one of my Grey Warden characters. Lyriel Tabris of the City Elf Origins perhaps is a concubine/friend of Rosalina in another world. I imagine they might have a lot of fun together 😉

Artist: PandaDelight /  Price: Request