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#047 – Sylvia van hossen – Princess lover

This is a new really nice artist who accept to help me this time… She accept to make me a request and when it’s done, I see a had make two drawings… Thanks so much for her kindness and the awesome work she do for Rosalina… ^^

So I’m really happy to present you Rosalina (of course) with Sylvia from Princess Lover by Sherazi. A really nice artist who start on HentaiFoundry and accept make me a drawing for my blog a request… So it’s really nice but at the end, she finaly drew too picture… That’s so nice… (^o^)/

She decided to make a second drawn because she think this one is not sufficient oriented to Rosalina and you can enjoy in the next post the second drawing… But finish like this one before… ;p

not really happy to announce you I have an enemy on Hentaifoudry: Sherazi. This one is really desapointed to see me ask some Rosalina drawings anannoyed to see there is some artist who accepted requests for me and decide to post a “nice” comment in all Request for me publish in Hf… See hid comment for this drawing here… And don”t hesitate to answer him if you have an account… XD

To finish, it’s the artist quote: “I chose Sylvie because she was a really cute character and I felt that she and Rosalina matched up to each other. My goal was to make sure it was clearly Rosalina in the picture and I wanted to make sure Sylvie’s chest was shown, so that’s how this pose was perfect for the situation. I had wanted Rosalina to be more submissive and the receiving but I was able to do that in the other pic I did. I’m happy with the results needless to say

Artist: Sherazi  /  Price: Request