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#509/510 – Two streams for two pin-ups

I sorted my mail box to clean it a little and found some illustrations that I missed to publish and will come with next publications. I’m really sorry for artists waiting me to publish, was kinda late and lost a week for nothing when google announced adult blogs will be hiden before finally back of a week later. I’m back working on new post and must search for new artists soon.
Also about “Rosalina’s Delivery Service“, since I found a job recently, financial situation will be much better and contacted Ska Jr to start working on the next chapter on April. Be sure you will have some previews and teasers so stay turned. I thought to make a patreon for this project but wont be easy to manage and I’m sure wont work too.
For the moment nothing planned so if you have some opinion or suggestion it’s the best moment. What (naughty) idea will pick your interest guys?


Now kinda special special publication, time for two wonderfull Rosalina pin-up made by Supersatanson (left) and Kaztor08 (right) as request during their respective livestreams. Both are two wonderfull artists but like my blog budget I was never able commission them and finally they both made requests streams. Only sketches but was finally able ask them to draw Rosalina, that’s wonderfull… \(^o^)/
On the left:
The first livestream was Supersatanson one. I really love his art and looking at his gallery you must admit he made wonderfull illustration and series. Some damn sexy futa maids and the more impressive is the PPP (Peach Pregnancy Project), just imagine a naughty Peach fucking everything (really) she find and it turn wonderfull. For the Story, Supersatanson made Mario away helping Rosalina to save the galaxy and there is two pieces with Rosalina and Mario having some naughty time together.
SSB4_Wii_U_-_HeightMust admit I always feel frustrated to see Rosalina with man so little confused with Supersatanson‘s illustrations but must admit he’s wonderfull to draw Rosalina, she a huge character taller than Mario (easy) and Peach, added a reference on the right and these long legs and thin body really show that particularity. So beautifull and lovely but we really feel she’s huge. In fact Rosalina don’t need high heels but that sooo sexy that it was my request to Supersatanson, just imagine how she must be tall like this… XD
On the right:
Some days after, it was a livestream by Kaztor08, I discovered him on hentaifoundry and was amazed by his realistic style on some illustrations, just visit his profile and gallery. As if it’s not a huge one, I’m sure you will be stuned guys. After that it was silent for a long time but Kaztor08 finally made a come back on Hentaifoundry and opened sketch requests. After that was able enter a livestream and get a slot, how powerufll… °w°
For this sketch, I wanted a Rosalina pin-up in lingerie and talking with other people we ended that it must be cool have her in a pole dance, that kind of situation who make it dynamic and so sensual, was a excellent idea. I also asked for high heels, love it so much. Finally I thnik a lot of us (watchers) expected a more aughty pose but I love the pose Kaztor08. She’s so beautifull and pure as sexy and sensual, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is a wonderfull combo… Oh yeah…

Artist: Supersatanson / Cost: 0$(Livesteam)
Tumblr www.supersatanson.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Supersatanson/profile
Artist: Kaztor08 / Cost: 0$(Livesteam)
Tumblr kaztor08.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Kaztor08/profile

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