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#567 – Discover Yuri and a new game

Rosalina Nintendo Yuri Kagami Oyako Neburi- Sasou Hitozuma Dakaretai Oyako
More than a month before Christmas and must prepare it. If everything fine there must be at last two illustrations to celebrate christmas and one for new year but can’t decide a good pairing/situation for the last one, feel free if you have some ideas or suggestions. Also once again, don’t miss the widget on the right to be noticed by mail for each new illustration on the blog, just keep in mind that there is two new illustrations each week. Oh yeah… °w°
And still thinking about a patreon, I’ll ask help to the lovely Lunakiri to create some avatars to illustrate each tiers (for 1$ to 3$ a week, nothing expensive). Was thinking ask these to Suika and don’t overload Luna but tought Suika will be really busy, finally both areopen for commissions so feel free to ask… ^^


The Wishlist page is already huge with hundred of ladies who already meet Rosalina or can make a really cool pairing but be sure there is so much series and characters in the world that it must be impossible to list all of them here and it’s often artists who make me discover new series as for Sournote2014 who accepted my request to pair Rosalina with Yuri Kagami from a hentai game named ‘Oyako Neburi- Sasou Hitozuma Dakaretai Oyako’. Yeah, the name of this series must be hells to remember… XD
If are curious about Yuri, here is some infos Sournote2014 but don’t mean you can’t search by yourself over the internet if you want to know more about this game and why not try it by yourself, ‘The game is an incest related game. The player character, whose backstory includes a dead father so his mother and sister depend on him, in some routes is shown mating with his mother, his sister, or both of them. Yuri is the next door neighbour of the player character. He catches her in the shower one day and she invites him in and they make love and stuff, basically cheating on her husband‘ and be sure there is much more to quote.
Abotu the illustration itself, Rosalina and Yuri do a really beautifull and sweet pairing and as if both weird their respective suits for are that show how both universe have different style and content, with Sournote2014 style help to link them. Yuri more sexy and Rosalina adding a lovely and innocent touch make a great mix into cuteness and sexiness. Just have to admit we really miss them to be more close or with some interactions, kinda looks like they can be two pin-up made separatly and can’t imagine what they can do together. Once again thanks so much to Sournote2014 for her kindness nd interest to my project, also don’t hesitate visit her gallery for more sweet illustrations sometimes with a sexy and spicy touch spicy… °w°

Artist: Sournote2014 / Cost: request

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