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#104 – OC – Slime Girl

Generaly, when I publish a Rosalina pic from Hentaifoundry, I fav it when she’s in my blog, like this all drawings in my favorite are in the blog, but when DarkChibiShadow post a comment in my profil and say “I have to admit- I’m a little sad you didn’t even favorite the commission I made for you“, I think I’m a little late… I want to post regulary here so just one pic each day but I miss some time to post and now there is more than 10 finish drawings waiting and a lot in progress… Artists are too fast (or that’s me who spam too much)… XD

So it was a lot time I don”t see Rosalina with an Original Character (OC) who have a lot of really beautifull slime girls in his gallerie and I really want to see Rosalina with one of these… So I ask a commission to DarkChibiShadow and there is the result… Enjoy… (^o^)/

Little curious thing with this drawing, like the price it must be a hentai commission but the result is pretty soft (or that me who miss something)… So it’s not hentai but pretty sexy, I’m sure you will enjoy it guys… And like DarkChibiShadow style and price, I may ask him a new drawing, but don’t say if I ask something more soft for the other blog Rosalina and Girl or because we are pervert, something more exciting… Don’t hesitate to post a commnt and say you opinion… Maybe if there is somebody who is ready help me pay other commissions, let’s go… ^^

Artist: DarkChibiShadow /  Price: 11$