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#632 – Shauntal goes kinky

Thanks to my patreon members and their support, was able to manage some commissions and be sure there is powerfull pieces coming. Some kinda sweet and sensual other much more kinky. Then I’m always careful looks for deals and offers to be sure don’t spend a month budget in a single illustration.. Technically… ^^’
I’ll be quiet and alone for this week-end with apart just for me, some friends asked me what I plan to do but in fact there is nothing planned, just relaxing and be quiet with some privacy. Must manage make some photos for the deal I have with DigitallyDeviant and for sure if nice weather enjoy it too. Edit: I’m sick T_T


As if he describe me as ‘a fun customer‘, I must admit make artists wait so long to see their illustration published on the blog isn’t really fair, I apologies about that AnonymousKatsudon (dat name). So for today let have Shauntal from Pokemon series join Rosalina for some fun. Really love her cute look especially when you have a little fetish for glasses. Then she’s a Master Ghost-type Trainer and as if we know those pokemons can be really friendly it still sounds a little scary but I’m sure AnonymousKatsudon didn’t get nightmares with that drawing. XD
It’s sure a ravishing and sensual piece kinda juicy and sure exciting where you can see how AnonymousKatsudon style is epic. Both have really cute and expressive face, Rosalina doing some lovely moaning and Shantal happy to make her friend feel so good, skin color and shading are also awesome and love that wet part with this little juice bridge from Rosalina pussy to Shantal finger that make you able imagine it moving slowly after pleased that sweet princess pussy. Now if you goes to focus on Shantal other hand AnonymousKatsudon did a great work on this part, fondling Rosalina breast, it looks soft, stretchy/squishy with a bit of gravity to make it so perfect… °w°
Also there is the HD version as patreon bonus, if you are curious the sketch is one the same resolution so you can get an idea of it’s size.
In my opinion, the only detail missing on AnonymousKatsudon‘s art is nails, when you looks at all details on Rosalina nipples it’s like there is something missing on hands but I’m still addicted to this illustration. Anyway don’t miss to take a look at his Deviantart gallery or Tumblr account that is use for uncensored stuff at first but deserve more updated. At last AnonymousKatsudon is kinda active recently, there is a cute piece of D.Va from Overwatch and some a little more kinky about his OC Kyrie. Don’t miss to take a look and why not consider a commission to let him make your dreams come true. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: AnonymousKatsudon / Cost: 80$
DeviantArt: www.anonymouskatsudon.deviantart.com

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