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#178 – Eternal champions – Shadow Yamoto

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So today it’s a curious character with Rosalina: Shadow Yamoto of the game “eternal champions”. I say “curious” because this character was in my withlist and I don”t know her and don’t remember why I add her… I think it was after see a great fanart of her I tough “see must be awesome with Rosalina” (same thing 250 times and you know how I build my wishlist) so it was a great surprise see her with Rosalina and when terrylords say me I pick her in my wishlist… XD

Not first time I see Rosalina prepare to enjoy a starp-on, as exemple you have the drawing with Tifa (see it here), C18 (see it here) or a little more old with Ivy (see it here) maybe I think this time it’s level up with the biggest starp-on Rosalina ever see so it must be a really hard moment with Shadow but like Rosalina face, I”m sure she will be enjoy this… Oh yeah… XD

So a huge fan to terrylords for this really nice drawing and in a comment he said ‘I´m gonna do more of rosalina so i have time to fix that mistake in another pics‘… If you want to know what the mistake, you must see the submission on Terrylords gallery but a great details too, he said ” pics “… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist: terrylords / Price: Request

New wishlisted girl: Vayle from Battleon