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#119 – Paper Mario – Vivian

I already have a pic with Vivian and Rosalina in the Bonus page (here) but now I have a picture with these two girls created for my blog… Thanks so much to Seror for this awesome pic… (^o^)/

I love this drawing, it’s a really hot situation,don”t say if we can see “bondage” but the result is awesome. Rosalina as mistress with a pretty calm face and it’s not the same thing for Vivian who look have a lot of pleasure cumming a lot.

There is a lot of nice details and some reference to Marion and Rosalina like the block in the background, not the first time I see it in a drawing for my blog (remember Rosalina and Peach by Quaraci) and add Rosalina wand is a good idea but in vivian ass like this, it’s don”t really work… Not enough in the ass as me…But a nice detail is how Seror color this pic, don”t really say what the name of this technique but it’s really original…

And a little bunus because the huge pic it’s not the first Seror publish in this gallerie, there is a scat version. So don”t click if you don”t like this style but I’m really happy publish this drawing, I’m not a huge fan of scat but I want a lot of different style in my gallerie so , One more… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Seror  /  Price: Request