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#072 – OC – Seraph

It’s not incredible, now there is more than 20.000 views in this blog, but never a lot of comments… Thanks to my 10 members (8 people + 2 x Me)… That’s so nice to see people love my blog but just see a number of views, not good… Where are you guys? It’s not hard to follow th blog… Just take a like the the right up corner… ^^

So the drawing of the day is a commission by XMireillechanX who drawn really cute characters and is really cheap with commission (take a look to his Deviantart page here)… Other nice thing, she do request, can be nice for a second drawing… Oh yeah… ^^

This drawing is her first time sexually active picture and the result is really nice… Like her gallerie, after ask the commission I expected to have something more cute or ecchi but I don”t say it’s because my blog, every time it’s an hentai pic… I a little pervert and there is a lot who watch this blog so it’s not so bad but some pic more cute or funny can be nice… No?

About the second character, it’s an XMireillechanX‘s original character: Seraph.. I can say shet drawn a doodle of her with her 3DS and for more informations, there is the artist quote… Enjoy… ^^

Oh my gosh though, I’ve never drawn anything this naughty before. >.< You’re welcome to thwap Mir on the head for being such a pervy kitty. x.x But, I’m really happy with the outcome. :3
I dunno, Seraph is a shy character and I figured Rosalina would be the type to put her out there and encourage her on, so that’s why she’s in front. […] Yeah, the feather is Seraph’s. She usually has these little wings behind her, since Seraphim means the highest ranking of angel and her name being Seraph, we can just say it fell from her or maybe Rosalina was using it on her to tickle her, I thought it would be a nice idea to have an item from each of them. “

Artist: XMireillechanX  /  Price:300 Deviantart points (4$)