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#183 – Solo – Sexy WIP

My biggest problem is when artists publish drawings without watermark (just before artists who start a project and never answer after a nice sketch or line). So when the drawing is share is other sites or forum, the best exemple is rule34, a lot of people see it… Love it… Share it… but after that, nobody know the origin of the drawing and miss a great artist and my blog… sincerely I see in a forum “ There is a lot of drawings with Rosalina, maybe it’s because the new Mario kart”… That’s just so bad…  so guys if you want to share Rosalina drawings from by blog, don”t hesitate but please post drawings with the watermark… thanks…

Maybe for this drawing it won’t be a problem because the artist don”t publish it on his gallery so it’s the first time this rosalina appear on the internet, not often I have exclusivity in my blog… How nice… XD

This really sexy Rosalina was drew by Salsavannah, who already have Peach and Daisy in his gallery so when I see these two girls I asked him if he was interesting by a request or commission with Rosalina and some time after I received a mail when Salsavannah said he was in the midst of drawing Rosalina to make a complete set with Peach and Daisy (see it here), but haven’t finished colouring it… So this drawing is more like a preview, Salsavannah say he’s actually really busy so don’t have idea when the final drawign will be publish but it’s so nice he send me this preview… Thanks so much Salsavannah… (^o^)/

You must know this drawing wasn’t created for my blog so at start I hesitate to publis it here or in the bonus page (see it here) maybe it’s Salsavannah who sent it to me so I can make an exeption… And myabe I think to ask him a other pic as commissions… Must think about that… ^^

Artist: Salsavannah / Cost: Request

No new wishlisted girl, I continue update it with previews