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#586 – Sweet Kadie

I feel so stupid thinking about the new year publication, I prepared it on december an planned it to appear on January 1st to be published just in time and also cause no access to internet for several days after that. The problem is the I planned the post for January 1st 2015 so it was immediatly published and since posts are liste per date this one goes far away instead of the top and for sure people missed it… Bwaaaa… T_T
This new year start with a faillure and I feel so sorry for Epicsubterfuge that did his best to finish in time as if some computer trouble to give me that so sweet and sexy Rosalina to celebrate new year. At last you can still see it on the right if you are curious.


Today illustration is from RaphaelDeAconia that already contributed to the project there is more than 2 years and offered me to make his lovely character Kadie to meet Rosalina again. You can see the first illustration RaphaelDeAconia made on the left and after two year he really increased his level as you can see on this new publication. That’s really intereting see how an artist style evolve with time and now he sure have great skills… °o°
Exepted Adrian that is now linked to Where is my pokemon? project, Kadie is the only OC that meet Rosalina again. Also looking at the illustration I received two years ago from RaphaelDeAconia she’s even more beautifull and sexy. Colours, shaddings and anatomy are so much better and that sweet kiss make a ravishing illustration. Breasts against breasts for a sensual touch and as lingerie lover panties are even more powerfull. Love so much the result.
Once again, thaks so much for your kindness and support RaphaelDeAconia, I’m also sorry for the long time before publish this illustration, the old blog deleted by google still affect publications. If you guys want more of Kadie be sure you can have more visiting RaphaelDeAconia’s galleries on Newgrounds or Deviantart.

Artist: RaphaelDeAconia / Cost: Request
Deviantart: www.raphaeldeaconia.deviantart.com
Newgrounds: www.raphaeldeaconia.newgrounds.com

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#363 – Original – Kadie

After some lazy days now I’m ready to publish and update more often, have to finish “Where is my pokemon?” page and also the “Informations” one adding infos about me and more ways to contact me. I hope people will take time to see it and maybe send me a little message… ^^

I also plan to make a 3rd video, something simple to talk and explain more about the project “Where is my pokemon?” and also the suggestion contest “Your dream by…”, Not so much participants to the last edition so if it was the event is confused the video will fix that. The really special point is that it will be in french with english subtittles. Interested?

I recently joined the site Newgrounds who is really more powerfull than I expected, not a lot of illustrations but you can also find games, movies and music so take the time to visit a little and you must love it. For this new publication it’s a huge thanks to RaphaelDeAconia for his interest and kindness. He’s also the first artist I found who published the illustration on newground and to see underage no choice to join… XD

Yeah, first time I see an artist who don’t use a blog or tumblr to post his uncensored illustrations and like this I have now a new place for spam (albeit notifications and comments system is not really powerfull). But that’s not the more important, time to enjoy this amazig illustration by RaphaelDeAconia who decided to pair Rosalina with his OC Kadie.

I’m sure you wonder who is Kadie and want to know more about her so when I saw this illustration I asked to RaphaelDeAconia more information about his character. He answered “I guess you could call her my OC. There’s a little more to her than just being a creation of my own but calling her my OC is the simplest explanation”.

So no more details and backstory about Kadie but if you want to see more with her don’t hesitate to take a look to RaphaelDeAconia‘s galley on Newgrounds but you can also visit his deviantart account (here). Once again, a huge thanks for your support, I know I was a little late with the publication but I hope you like the post.. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: RaphaelDeAconia  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
Deviantart: www.raphaeldeaconia.deviantart.com
Newgrounds: www.raphaeldeaconia.newgrounds.com

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