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#549 – Kinky punk princess

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri punk
If it continue on that way, France will be worst than China with internet control. Recently they blocked the site Sankaku Complex cause pedophilia illustrations ‘lolicon and shotacon), I know ther eis loli on this site and for this point it’s understandable but I was able to find on this place some really amazing and rare Rosalina illustration that you don’t have on other sites and now I lost access to this site, it’s like a part of me was destroyed… Bwaaaa… T_T

Also, I think to add something like the “Artist of the week” to feature each week an artist for what he did (maybe with Rosalina) or notice when something interesting happen as a deal.. Just have to find a good place a nice design… Must appear next week if I get some motivation so stay turned… ^^


Now while time help me forget about Sankaku and the feature page I let you enjoy this new illustration I received by MeltonWixxxa who gave me the honor take part to my project and pairing Rosalina with her punk princess (as said the title on the hentaifoundry publication). Be sure I was also curious about this kinky lady so asked MeltonWixxxa to give me more infos and finally “As for the other girl, let’s say for now that she will be one of my canon characters; an OC by the name of ‘ M.Kat ‘. Expect to see her as she is like a mascot of sorts“. I hope you like that kinky Oc guys, and as if we don’t see so much about M.Kat I hope there will more by MeltonWixxxa so we must keep an eye on that account… °w°

For so much people the quality of an illustration depend most of colors and details but sometimes we are so amazing that we can miss some inportants details and also the idea and situation itself. Here I love how MeltonWixxxa drew Rosalina, she look gorgeous, love her expression with nipping lips, high heels, bondage and lipstick all over the body who mean some sensual play with her kinky partner who wanted to discover and feel everypart of that perfect princess. For sure Rosalina found a marvelous kinky friend for her naughty games and a huge thanks to MeltonWixxxa who made this sexy duo come true… Oh yeah…

This illustration was made by MeltonWixxxa in february (so I’m really late) but you can be sure in 6 months there was so much time to draw new illustration and improve skills so be sure now MeltonWixxxa’s gallery (here) is even more impressive, feel free to take a look. There is also suggestion for a “Melton Wixxxa calendar” and the idea sounds fun so feel free to put a little comment and some interest on that project, I’m sure it can be so powerfull…

MeltonWixxxa / Cost: 0$ (request)

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