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#383 – Persona4 – Labrys

Damn, what I can say as excuse to an artist that I promised to publish his drawing “next week” and finally let him wait like 2 months for the publication… That’s not cool, so stupid… I’m so sorry about that. Artist have the kindness to accept my requests, do an amazing work and I let them wait so long… *Face hitting desk”… U_u

This week was so busy and week-end too, I’m preparing the video, some parts look epic and other are not like I expected. I hope it wont look so bad at the end. Important detail, for the 3rd video I speak in french but don’t worry, I’ll add english subtitles. It will be so long to add it but I have to do it… Oh yeah.


Now let talk about Technician67 and his lovely illustration. In fact I wonder what this name, in france artist and technicans are not the same thing but I’m sure there is a reason. I also have a weird name on deviantart (blancj11), I started to use this login there is more than 10 years again and now I need one a little more interesting. But don’t want to start a new Deviantart account. and lost all my friends and favorites… What a huge dilemma.

Time to present you the lady that Technician67 choosed to be with Rosalina. She’s Labrys from the game Persona 4. It’s the second girl of the series that Rosalina meet, first was Naoto that you can see on the righ and for alternate versions: click here. Never played this game in fact, not sure it’s available in french but I saw some videos and I must admit the story is so cool as scary… Some lovely ladies but I’m sure they are more tender with Rosalina than in the game. Thanks Technician67.

They are really beautifull, so adorable and lovely together looking at us like we caught them before a long kiss. Colors look great and that’s interesting to see how Technician67 draw shadow adding some lines. first time I see it and that really powerfull to discover new styles or techniques. It’s always Rosalina but this time, Rosalina by Technician67. Each artist have their own techniques and point of view so each Rosalina is unique… That’s so powerfull… °w°

Artist: Technician67 / Request

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#294 – Persona 4 – Naoto Shirogane

Not sure if you noticed but this drawing is now the 291th in the blog so we are now really close to the 300th… To celebrate this I create a little event with Vempire but no spoiler for the moment. Just wantto say than everybody can participate and don’t worry, you don’t to draw anything but prepare yourself, I’ll open the contest soon… O_o

When I created this blog I didn’t imagine there is so much powerfull girls existing and that’s a great point let the artists free to choose the girl they want to see Rosalina. Potchi suggested girls from my wishlist than I don’t remember and that’s funny discover (again) them… XD

Today rosalina meet Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4. Sincerely Potchi did an amzing work and they are really beautifull. By the way I trying to find more information about this game (don’t want to look stupid) and now I’m a little scary by Naoto. I saw some videos an have a little idea about the game; it’s look great but with a really dark story, so much murders… People who created it are simply crazy… ^^

I think Naoto won’t do “bad” things with Rosalina so I’m not anxious but really amazed by the result. The first sketch and idea than Potchi suggested were simply awesome, hot action with lingerie, uniform toys and high heels, it think there some of my favorite fetish here… °w°

Generally like my budget I ask commission with two girls without background but this time there is one really beautifull and colored. Potchi said “It’s Persona 4 themed” but I think without play the game you can easilly reconize it… Though the result look so powerfull and I think it’s the principal, I hope you like it guys… ^^

Potchi made two versions, one with a yoshi-vibro-egg and one with a normal and also sent me some W.I.P. I love show step by step in the fina publication, it’s really more powerfull than just an image for fap fap fap… Don’t hesitate to take a look to Potchi profile and if you wantto commission her I’m sure you will enjoy it… Oh yeah…

Added to wishlist: Faith Connors and Celeste from Mirror’s edge (see it here)