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#189-192 – OC – The robed (Guro warning)

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Hey guys, today it’s a really special publication with the help of the awesome artist: Paco. He created a little story with Rosalina composed of 4 drawing and little story, each story refer to a “Lesson” and you can be sure it will be really hard, that’s why I don’t publish the “lesson 2” here because guro warning but I’ll give you the link if you are really curious, maybe be careful and read the story before…

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian guro storyFirst lesson when presenting Rosalina by Paco as a girl who love tempt the men and laugh at them. Maybe she will be kidnaped and raped…
Click here to show / hide lesson 1;

Princess Rosalina liked to tempt the men and thought it humorous when they tried to win her favor. She would lure them with a sexy dance or a view of her bosom and then she’d laugh at them.
One day, she was walking in her woods when she was grabbed around the neck and everything went black. She awoke to find herself tied to a crossbar with her legs spread painfully wide and tied to stakes. A robed and hooded figure approached and whispered, “Now you will learn suffering and humiliation. The figure hand reached to her breasts and rubbed her cleaveage. She moaned. Then suddenly grabbing her neckline and ripped the front of her dress off exposing her undergarments and pink flesh. Wasting no time the figure produced a large dildo. Pulling her panties to the side he shoved the dong into her roughly tearing her virginity and jammed it forcibly several times before wedging it under her using it to force her upwards against her bonds all the while her screaming in pain. “Lesson 1” he said, “Sometimes fun hurts”…
Second lesson is a little special, Paco imagine the robe using a meathook and lift pulling her into the air suspending her by her rump… Maybe this drawing is really hard so if you want to see the drawing it’s in Paco gallery but with Guro warning… I would have warned you… ^^
Click hereClick here to show / hide lesson 2See the link of the drawing – GURO WARNING

While Rosalina squirmed on her toy the robed figure finished stripping her torn dress off and untied her from her crux. She reached down and started to remove the dong. As it slid out Rosa started to enjoy the feeling. She knelt bent forward stroking her pussy with it. The robed figure whispered again, “I see you learn fast. Shall we try another lesson?” And Rosalina felt him pull down her panties and felt his cock enter her anus. In it went further and further exciting at first but then it started to burn against her spine and just as she screamed, it erupted piercing her back. What she thought was his cock was a large meathook and it continued to lift pulling her into the air suspending her by her rump. He pulled the dong out of her pussy and slid in a thick wooden rod. In it slid filling her vagina and pressing against her cervix making her womb quiver. As she hung on the hook he began striking the rod with the dong, just enough to start her climaxing. She began writhing and dripping from her tits and then she started humping the hook, tearing her flesh further and pooling blood out her wound. He whispered hoarsely ‘Lesson 2, Pain can be accepted as pleasure if you are starved for either.’
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian guro storyAnd it’s continue with the third lesson, just read the story and you will have a great surprise, especially for the ending… ;p
Click here to show / hide lesson 3

Rosalina wriggled on the meathook until she was spent and could no longer move. The robed figure lowered her gently and removed the hook, holding the princess on him soothing her by caressing her and kissing her neck. As he did, he tied a blindfold over her eyes. Rosalina did not resist, her breath was heavy with exhaustion. She felt something touch her pussy and rub warmly across her clit. Then she felt her slit being spread open by something. Wider and wider and then she felt it spreading inside her. It was his cock, thick and incredibly long! He was screwing her and oh! she was loving it. It took her awhile but she came on him and he kept going. Fast then slow, long strokes, deep hard thrusts that threatened to tear her. She came and came until finally she was one continuous orgasm. She was unable to bear the raw pleasure. She screamed in joyous terror as every gland in her body erupted in fluidic ejaculation. He stopped and whispered, “Pure pleasure and pure terror are one in the same in the extreme”. He then violently thrust himself into her quickly, deep and forceful and she came again, shrieking and spraying blood from her pussy as her womb burst. Then he cried out in ecstasy. But it was not a man’s cry, it was a woman’s.
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian guro storyReceive a mail yesterday so I’m really happy have the fourth lesson to show you, now you have to read the story if you want to know who is the robed. There is a change it’s the last lesson so hope you enjoy it guys, I agree this serie was really special, this time she’s really different like the nintendo character so Paco just did an awesome job image this story and draw the awesome pics… Thanks so much Paco… (^o^)/
Click here to show / hide lesson 4

At first, Rosalina was horrified. She had just been raped by another woman and had enjoyed it. She gathered her strength and removed herself from the cock inside her. It pulled out allowing her juices to spill sending one last shudder radiating through her body. Turning she looked at her attacker. It was her sister and she lay there quivering with an enormous double dong still implanted in her, it and her crotch covered in Rosalina’s blood and cum. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and now she wanted to give her sister everything she had. So Rosalina positioned herself pussy to pussy and reinserted the dong into herself. She grabbed her sisters legs and pulled herself to her, bottoming the dong into both of them. They both groaned. There was a foot of dong between them but Rosalina suddenly wanted to pound clits together, so she began pumping and pulling together. At first, they both yelped as their cervix resisted, but when both girls pushed together, their portals gave and began throbbing in orgasm just as both swollen clits slapped into each other stimulating another juicy spray. Both girls convulsed screaming. Rosalina lay sobbing and shaking. Her sister crawled over her, biting her nipples and kissing her lips and said, ‘Now you know complete pleasure, all that remains is total terror.’