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#760 – Checking the level's material

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I’m on a trip to U.K. for more than a week, was years I did’t go out of France and I’ll be with a so wonderfull person too. Anyway during I didn’t wanted the project on hiatus so the blog will continue update as usual. All posts were prepared earlier and I must admit the harder was to write intros since I don’t know what happen in the future and those depend to the actual event and updates… Anyway with this trip I already got this one… ^^’


For now, let me first introduce you P4bllo who I met on Deviantart and accepted take part to the project with so much enthusiasm, how powerfull. I really had no idea about the illustration coming and never expected a single second to receive a piece sooooooo epic… Thanks so much P4bllo… \(^o^)/
It’s well made, fucking hot and genius, love P4bllo‘s idea of Rosalina trapped in a block checked while prepare the level for another sessions behing abuse of those toys again and again as long player will come in. Don’t exactly know what P4bllo had in mind, maybe the vibrators activate when someone hit the block increasing the intensity for each piece you get and once no coin in the bloc then vibrators are at full speed, you can’t say it doesn’t sounds damn exciting guys… °w°
I really admire P4bllo‘s ideas and also the level of details and shading are stunning in HD, I never expected a so impressive quality and not often I get illustrations that hot, Rosalina is a really pure and innocent character so you always have a mix into cuteness and sexiness from artists. Here Rosalina keep something innocent being trapped but it appear so much naughty, P4bllo drew her so exciting that at some points you wish come rape her before the next game session start instead of rescue that sweet princess in danger… ^^’
I was talking with P4bllo and some friend wondering how Rosalina could end in that situation, the more best idea would be like she was captured and hide by Browser in the bloc then ‘Its a good torture machine that isn’t too over the edge‘. Anyway since I love so much Rosalina and don’t feel to admit Bowser option always sounds the more logic in that case, could also be like ‘Peach put her there as punishment‘.

I asked P4bllo if he can send me some WIP and got this awesome WIP series that you can enjoy to see the drawing process. Also due to DEviantARt rules, I suggested him more his NSFW art to a safer place and he decided open a tumblr (see it here) to post his NSFW art, don’t miss visit both place and give some support with a nice comment, it’s always pleasant for artist that we wish continue amaze us for years… ^__^

Artist: P4bllo / Cost: 0$ (request)
Deviantart: www.P4bllo.deviantart.com
Tumblr 18+: www.10pudor.tumblr.com
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