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#060 – Solo001 – Parental advisory star

There is artist who drawn Rosalina with other girl or men but there is artist who just want to drawn Rosalina solo… And it’s not a really big problem, Rosalina is the more important… And see her is the best… (^o^)/

Other nice artist Otecha who accepted make me a pic as request… Thanks so much for your kindness… Don”t hesitate to take a look to her gallerie, she have a lot of really nice drawings but not a lot colored… what a pity… ^^

As description, the better thing is the artist quote… Enjoy… ^^
She’s sitting down with a little star dude between her legs covering it’s eyes. She’s naked so you see her full chest, but little star dude’s playing the part of a below the belt advisory sicker 😛 she’s nibbling on her wand with a “Did I do somethin wrong?” Look on her face. x3

I hope you like it… And thanks so much for your kindness Otecha.

Artist: Otecha  /  Price: Request