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#491 – Gentle Kiss to Belldandy

After Rosalina in November my turn to be older for a day. No special publications planned for this event, a huge thanks for your wishes and support as if some troubles with the blog…

I noticed that paypal and Selfy only allowed people with dollar ($) or euro (€) device to but the Rosalian’s Delivery Service comic and you can be sure it was a huge trouble. Now I fixed that point and in case of doubt I send personally the comic. I hope I’ll be able found the next chapter soon and really need your feedback you you bought it to make next chapters even more better. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Also, it was a huge edit on the blog design there is like 3 months and there is a huge surprise coming. Don’t know when you you will have to be patient but you can be sure it will be epic…


I’m sure if a lot here are more looking for kinky illustrations with illustration deserved a lovely “Awww” cause it’s just so cute and adorable. It’s a gift from the talented and so kind Omnimaid who send me “Rosalina and Belldandy sharing a heartfelt kiss“. I really love this illustration, it was a powerfull surprise and remember that I must update the soft blog (here) ASAP with more illustrations. Also if you are curious, Belldandy is from the series Oh! My Goddess, kinda old but still really beautifull.

Like Omnimaid description on his publication, this one was a nice training and can’t wait to see his new skills on next publication. He really have a beautifull style who look amazing one lovely or sensual illustrations, as if he made some hentai pieces, there is always a an innocent touch in this character, cuteness and sexiness make a powerfull combo but a true soft piece like this one can also look gorgeous, thanks so much Omnimaid… (^o^)/

In fact Omnimaid was previously names Eromanboy, just use this name to search his previous illustrations on the blog or just click here. He recently started a new accounts on Deviantart, Hentaifoundry, SoundCloud, Youtube and even Twitter, all are listed on the bottom. So much nice content and various style, drawings, photos, videos and also music, feel free to take a look at Omnimaid creations and feel free to support him, he really deserves some nice favs and comments… ^^

Artist: Omnimaid  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)
Twitter: www.twitter.com/OmniMaid
Deviantart: www.omnimaid.deviantart.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/omnimaid
Hentaifoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/user/OmniMaid/profile

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