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#619 – Octoling finger revenge

After a month (of ignorance), ‘Your dream by…‘ event is now close and it will be time for BandiJones to pick his favorite idea and decide the one he like the most to draw. Some really awesome and cool entries so I think wont be easy but I’ll tell you once I know the result.
Some I must keep in mind for later and if there is an entry you love too and would love to have it realized, you can join on patreon to enter the monthly raffle and then submit it as it was for the Rosalina and Samus illustration.


After presenting us his lovely OC Nananthea (see it here), I’m happy to show you a second illustration from Taroni that come with a new kinky, crazy, juicy and maybe a bit scary duo. After Callie and Marie from Splatoon (on the right), Rosalina now meet one of that dangerous Octoling from Splatoon series that Taroni turned kinda naughty too so both can have many fun together.
For those just looking at the detail and shading on this illustrations I agree it’s not the best quality ever but Taroni like all artist have to start a day and things come with practice. There is so many cool details here like Rosalina face kinda sweet and adorable and as if the Octoling can be kinda scary with those teeth she also have an expression kinda intense mixing with Rosalina playfull hand and pussy juice like she got an orgasm. Also as with lingerie fetish I love so much that Rosalina wet pantie, Thanks so much Taroni… °w°
Adding the sweet Rosalina fighter (on the left) and hot duo with squid sisters, it’s powerfull I was able get all that series with Rosalina and Splatoon universe. I’m sure more will come in the future cause the game itself and characters are awesome but for now I hope you enjoy this illustration Taroni made. For more more feel free to take a look at his Deviantart account. Still love his OC Peri but there is also many sweet as sexy illustration that deserve a look as a little comment and support for Taroni… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Taroni / Cost: request

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