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#731 – Princess become Goddess

June will be here soon with the name of the winner of the patreon raffle in a few days, I will show on the next piece the reward of May that will (sadly) come with a bad new. Anyway I’m already looking for the artist to work on the raffle, some messages sent and now it will depends on replies… Stay tunes… ^^
And with the end of May also come the end of my holidays, at was really nice as if the lack of privacy don’t help at all to really stay quiet and relax for now, it’s kinda from this point I prefer be at work than home sometimes. Now I’ll wait until September for next one but this time it will be special… °w°


Now a new piece from Ivan’s contribution, that guy is so kind as pervert (my fav kind of friends) but this time he come with a safe and lovely piece commissioned to Nephiam featuring a solo but so lovely goddess Rosalina. Also the equivalent of “goddess” in French is “déesse” that we also use to design a ravishing lady so it sure work perfectly here, the hair and dress turn so awesome with details and colouring. A pantie touch but Nephiam‘s illustration is really far to be explicit so I’ll also post it on the safe blog Rosalina&girl… °w°
I’m really amazed by this illustration, sweet pose, cute face and hair turn awesome, Nephiam sure worked hard to draw and color this part but like how detailed is the outfit there is hard work everywhere.The dress offer a great mix into cuteness and sexiness, also like the part that start from her shoulder to her back, must be really original and elegant dress to wear. A lot of accessories and as if I’m more fan of high heels in general, the shoes Nephiam made are so nice and I love the wings. Not only the dress but there is many things that make the goddess effect even more stronger, that’s powerfull… \(^o^)/
Not that much to write so I’ll continue jump in the room cause how happy and thankfull I am for this illustration. You can discover more about Nephiam from all links below and for more there is Artists&Clients for commission or patreon for Uncensored versions of my NSFW art (or both if you want)… °w°

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