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#556 – Sexy and busty

Rosalina Nintendo sexy busty big breasts
I made a deal with Lunakiri after she announced her tablet is dead. I helped her get a cintiq and untill she refound me I’ll get some illustration as sort of interest, I really love her art and be sure to see it on the blog for so long, that will be powerfull. Cintiq seem to be the best for so much artists and that’s also so freaking expensive. My father always tell me 3DS are expensive but he never see about tablet for sure, that’s really a major investment for artists. O_o
Finally I moved the widget to subscribe and get noticed by mail for newt posts on the top, seem nobody notice about it or maybe think I’ll be spamming and sell datas. Not my kind guys so do’nt worry about that, it’s safe.


As if I consider Rosalina as the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world, can’t deny she can also be soooo sexy and today it’s MXN who decided to show that sweet body with a more busty touch, for sure not Nintendo who will design that kind of breasts but if we love sensual touch and fondle sweet breasts, she’s just perfect in that way. Thanks so much for that wonderfull piece MXN… \(^o^)/
No doubt on what part we have to focus on that illustration, especially when she know about the original Rosalina design but not a reason miss that so sweet and lovely face, it make a perfect combo with that sexy body and MXN putted some nice details, as this little star on her pubic hair (and in reference to the earrings instead of a power star or Luna is in other piece I received). Every perverts must love those perfect breasts but must admit the sweet face is also captivating… Just do like how MXN drew her fingers, kinka hooked in that way but Rosalina still looks so adorable…
Thansk so much for your support MXN, I also hope you like this one guys and if you want more feel free to take the time visit the blog or more more crazy busty girls you must love MXN’s gallery, be sure there is even more hot and crazy illustration on that place… Really crazy… ^^

Artist: MXN / Cost: 0$ (request)

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