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#097 – OC – Rosgot

Due to a little problem with internet, I don’t post here for some time, in fact my brother used my credit card and spend more than 700$ in a facebook… I give a little kick-ass to this little bastard but now I haven’t money and for commissions in progress, it’s a big problem… So bad… T_T

So the post of the day is a gift by MRCHELNOV. I find him in hentaifoundry and think this style is really nice and original so I ask him if he can drawn Rosalina for the blog as request or commission… Some time after, I received a mail where he say:

Sometime ago you asked about commissions or request about artworks with Rosalina.
So I have decided to send this gift for you.
I hope you like it.

That’s so nice… Thanks so much for your kindness. Of course I must love this kind of gift… (^o^)/

There is just a think special about this pic, Rosalina is with a normal girl but in the profil description of MRCHELNOV, he say “You may see more futas and dickgirls in my blog“. That’s curious he don”t drawn a futagirl with Rosalina… But I’m happy he drew an original characte with Rosalina and hope he had a lot of pleasure make this pic… If you are curious, don”t hesitate to take a look to his Hentaifoundry gallerie here or visit his blog: http://rabiscose.blogspot.com

Artist: MRCHELNOV / Price: Request