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#588 – Sweet princess looking at you

Now that holidays and birthday are over time to be back to work and reality. Also let’s go back find artists again and again for even more sweet and kinky Rosalina. Will continue update the Patreon account and must change that artist of the month, not that I’m lazy with it but so much artists I want to list that I can’t decide… T_T
Some artists recently accepted to join the project with interesting style and ideas so some really original and sometime crazy illustrations will come in the futur. Now we have to stay turned and hope they’ll have enought time and motivation to make tose pieces see the light and amaze us… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


For now a belated picture that was reported many time with special illustration and that I can now show you. After the one I received from Engin that you can see on the right it’s another so sweet and adorable Rosalina from Missnook, don’t miss to visit her profile and talk with her cause she’s so damn kind and lovely. Great artists, awesome writer and wonderfull friend, she’s so powerfull… ^^
Today start with a cute headshot Missnook offered me when I was in bad mood, was a beautifull gift an I love how Rosalina turned with her style. That so innocent and pure face is ravishing and that look is incredible. We feel that she look at us and with that so powerfull princess looking at me I can’t stop look at her. She’s captivating and so sweet. People love really detailled illustrations but something more simple can be so awesome too, I always ask Rosalina in lingerie and so much fetishes but don’t need all of this to love her. Missnook drew Rosalina, only Rosalina and that cute princess I love… Awww…
I hope you love this drawing man, be sure more will come from Missnook as another pin-up still so lovel but a little more sexy this time and an incredible yuri story she wrote with Rosalina, so sensual and intense that give me some trouble to translate from French to English. The story Missnook made during a livestream is so awesome and I want to keep that power in the translation but my english and limited vocabulary aren’t so helpfull… Just be sure I won’t stop so easilly… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: MissNook / Cost: Gift

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