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#724 – Why tennis dress are always that short?

I started post on tumblr there is less than a year and just got a mail saying I reached my 100th publication on this place, I’m not surprised cause it kinda what I estimated on a previous post (read it here), each year it’s 100 posts on the blog, twitter and tumblr adding 200 posts on patreon… Now I wonder if that worked and gave me enough visitors regarding all the time it took to manage both tumblr and twitter…
Another project that is for the moment far to see the light, I may create a lingerie online shop with our own design. For now I there will be with the help of Lunakiri for the design and feminine touch, a friend to create the site and another for the english support. Last one is my friend and tailor that will have really important role as advice on the final design, fabric and the creation process… I hope it will work but there is still time to see if that will really happen, suspense… ^__^


This new illustration looks a little similar to the one made by Uxdragon (that you can see on the right), anyway today it’s a safer version of Rosalina in her tennis suit still not being use to wear something that short being use to her long dress she have living at the observatory and keep even to fight on Smash Bros. This illustration was commission by Ivan Bucio to MissBehaviour for te project. I really appreciate your help and support my friend, thanks so much… \(^o^)/
This is a really beautifull illustration, Rosalina so sweet as always embarrassed to have her tennis dress revealing her cute pantie and so perfect curves. MissBehaviour was able figure that mix into cuteness and sexiness that suit Rosalina so nicely, a bit exiting but when you look at her face she looks so innocent that we can’t have real dirty things, just she’s sexy. Trying to be serious, there is a little mistake on that piece assuming I don’t count the dress shorter than original one (since I love that sexy detail). At first there is the way MissBehaviour designed the middle of the tennis racket that looks a bit off and fragile who can break at anytime.
When you stop focus on Rosalina ass (or just try at last), her hair is also an interesting part. First the wind effect MissBehaviour managed that add a dynamic touch as we can imagine them slowly moving with Rosalina stunned looking at us. It can also be part of Rosalina that just turned her head looking at us after noticed her pantie goes visible but turning her head on the left the hair had to be on the other side to be right so in that way sounds more logical consider it’s the wing. On a way, it sounds bit stupid search for logical reason or explanations on a virtual piece ( and only MissBehaviour really know what she wanted to show) but add a little story and reality touch make it alive and really more interesting in my opinion… °w°
Second point about hair, Rosalina is platinum blonde and depending the artist there is always some variations but always stay close to blonde color, with MissBehaviour it’s more close to white hairs that is unusual but not that bad. It’s also since each artist add their own touch that Rosalina always have something different and unique, oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I hope you like this illustration guys, once again a huge thanks to Ivan for his support and MissBehaviour that made Rosalina so powerfull once again. For more don’t miss to have a look at her gallery (here) or visit links listed below cause there is so much sweet piece to see but other really naughty depending your preference. Also for what I hear, MissBehaviour is really attentive to manage your idea and draw it to be so epic as in your mind so feel free if you want commission her, no doubt you wont regret… ^__^

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