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#749 – Sweet cuties out of the show

Talking about changes on the project, I’m sorry for the one who recently subscribed but I stopped with the newsletter and recently removed the plug-in. For those that want to know about new publications, there is still twitter or patreon but you can also get new art notification from Patron page just following me without need to pledge. Just a register and follow to get mail notifications, simple, free and effective… ^__^
There was also an appointment with the bank this Saturday about the credit for my future apart, this one also will rule all this month situation and cause many obligations I may not be able pick the best option for me… U_u


Here is a new piece that I hope you’ll enjoy, It’s a bust, it’s sketchy but it’s also sooo adorable illustration made by Mango-Nectar that I feel sad to admit had to wait for too long before get his illustration posted here. Here is a series I discovered watching many clips from youtube but was never able to play (so bad for a fan of rhythmic like me). This time Rosalina meet Miki Hoshii from Idolm@ster series and I feel so happy Mango-Nectar drew my favourite game character from the game… \(^o^)/
The game have many sweet costumes like cow one or this on the the right that (unfortunately) isn’t canon but I love so much, anyway Mango-Nectar decided to do with a waist-up illustration offering us a lovely mix into cuteness and sexiness. A romantic scene that turn even more adorable with the cute smile and both girl blushing and a busty touch for the busty side. Miki looks so embarrassed and this one must be her first time doing it with a lady but I know Rosalina will be sweet and have good care of her young partner, Mango-Nectar created the beginning of a long and romantic night and you can enjoy imagine every pose they will try and even the sweet moaning from both of us… °w°
If you visit his profile, Mango-Nectar drew so many piece since this paring and sure increased his level, a lot of ravishing illustration and a cowgirl I really love and wanted suggest to go discover by yourself but finally can’t resist show then you can see his actual level if you are interested for a commission. There is so many places listed below you can visit or ask for commissions (10$ half-body and 20$ full-body) so don’t hesitate take a look.

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