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#536 – Liara's effect

Rosalina  Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect cunnilingus hentai
Nintendo recently announced three new (classic) card games with mario themes. Rosalina appear in the queen of clubs card but sincerely I’m really disappointed by the illustration they used. It’s a classic old fanart that they used as reference for the Gashapon figure, sincerely with photoshop we can make the same thing. As if Rosalina I wont order this shit (Sorry Rosalina).
Also still working on this new page that will be released on July as promised. Don’t expect something new but a way to re-discover the blog in an alternative way then using the wishlist. I hope I was able to pick your interest with it… ^^


As promised and as sorry for the long time without new publications, here is a new illustration for the kinda sweet and talented OJ (don’t know if I have right to say it but it mean Orange Juice, that’s tasty name). She was working on this illustration since a long time but was really disappointed with the result. She didn’t wanted to show it and was silent so after several months I thought she forget me but was finally able to have OJ to send me her work and… Woah… °o°
Mass Effect - Liara_01aBecause this pose, realistic touch on hair and that she’s naked, not easy to recognize Rosalina (but she’s still a so beautifull and sensual blonde lady), as for the other girl really easy to see she’s Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect (not a simple name though). Really love this illustration, OJ made an excellent job and it looks so romantic and sensual. In fact she’s really disapointed cause so much errors, for sure if you analyze closely you must see some anatomically errors (also no breasts for Liara?) but nothing so important. I hope you like OJ‘s illustration as me guys.
Damn, two so sexy bodies but can’t stop look at Rosalina’s face, OJ drew her so expressive and sensual in that part, for sure Liara must be really talented and well feel it on Rosalina. So bad there isn’t some objects linked to Rosalina like medallion, crown, earrings or Luma but the worst point is that it will never appear on OJ’s gallery. In a way it’s like blog exclusivity so I must be happy but when the own creator of the illustration say again and again that he made shit, looking at the drawing I feel so sad having something so bad and negative… T_T

Artist: OJ / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

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#150 – Mass effect – Commander Shepard

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai mass effect commander shepard lesbian yuri 3D

There is some time I said that my dream is to have artist who see my blog have interest for it and decide to make a pic without I ask anything… and it happend… I receive a message with “A little something just for you. 😉“…. That’s so nice… (^o^)/

It’s a huge thanks to darklordiiid for this awesome pic; Rosalina with Commander Shepard from Mass Effect having a little fun together… darklordiiid say he got the idea from the wishlist and just ran with it, finally it was a great idea create this page but I often forget to update it… Not good… T_T

darklordiiid is a member of a site (don’t say if “member” is the true word): pillar of dawn Studios (click here to see it). Maybe if you see the bonus page you must know this site because I already have a with Rosalina and Samus from this in the bonus page… But this time the drawing was created for me… That’s incredible… Thanks againdarklordiiid for your kindness, I never expected have a pic from you before… ^^

Artist: darklordiiid / Price: Gift

#073 – Mass Effect – Kelly Chambers

New really nice drawing as request for my blog, how nice… Really happy with my acual blog but for this, need to spam a lot in HentaiFoundry… What a spammer: 0 picture, 2200 comments in 3 months… Nice score… XD

So this time it’s the artist MuleKraken who accepted to help me and choose a Mass Effect character: Kelly Chambers… Kelly appears in Mass Effect 2, and she is Shepard’s Yeoman on the Normandy SR-2. Her primary job on the Normandy is to keep Commander Shepard abreast of new e-mails and pass on meeting requests from Shepard’s squad mates.

So enjoy this great pic with Kelly Rosalian having some fun in the bathroom… So it’s just the start, I let you imagine what they must do next… I’m sure you love it… XD

Thanks again to MuleKraken for this so nice drawing and his kindness.. There is a lot of nice people in HentaiFoundry, this site is soooo nice… ^^

Artist: MuleKraken  /  Price: Request