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#265 – Dinosaur King – Zoe Drake


I just noticed than I forget to add all Original characters in the wishlist; 40 characters to add, so nice… And other detail, with the chat you can see who was online during the time the chat stay open and how many time people stayed so I let it for two hours and there is the result:

The record is for Anon9015 who stayed 24m 59s (yeah, all are anonymous) and I have two guys really fast who enjoyed the chat only 1 second… So during these two hours I had 28 peoples on the chat who stayed in general 1m and 28s… That’s not a really bad score but take your time enjoy the blog, read, comments and click on the ad… Oh yeah… XD

So after Rosalina x Tiffania and Rosalina x Bloom, there is an other sketch by martin25a done more than a year ago but who probably never see the light… I never hear martin25a since a really long time, his HentaiFoundry and Deviantart accounts are inactive too so I hope he’s not dead… Maybe busy but fine…

Martin25a sent me some sketchs like this one featuring Rosalina and Zoe Drake from Dinosaur King but I also have Rosalina with Henrietta from Gunslinger Girls and one with Violet and Mirage from the Incredible… Don’t hesitate to let a comment if you want to see these in a futur post… ^^

Added to wishlist: Starr from Elite Beat Agents (see it here)

#007 – Zero no tsukaima – Tiffania

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Zero no tsukaima Tiffania

An other drawn by martin25a, this time he choose Tiffania from Zero no tsukaima in my wishlist… After send me the sketch, I say I must change the breast seize… Rosalina with Tiffania breast and Tiffania with Rosalina seize can be more realistic… But he forgot to change this before coloring and this is the result… ^^

#006 – Winx – Bloom

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian winx bloom

After see all drawings in HentaiFoundry, I decided to stay a little in this website to find artists cheap… And I was really happy to find this one who accepted to drawn a lot of Rosalina and Girl as request…

The first he made is Bloom from Winx club kissing rosalina… Generally I prefer Full-body characters but as a request I think this drawn is really nice… ^^