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#219 – Paper Mario – Shadow Queen

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Paper Mario Shadow Queen
3 days before Rosalina’s birthday, it will be soon and I start to be excited, really excited… For the moment there is some people who participated and I have two drawings and little story I commissioned to show you but I hope to receive more… Don’t hesitate to participate guys… It’s not too late… Oh yeah… XD

I’m really late with publications and must publish a little more fast so before Rosalina’s birthday it will be a drawing per day. And this time it’s a huge fan to lordghoul who drew Rosalina meeting Shadow Queen from Mario paper, I never play this series and don’t know this character (it’s the final boss) so discover her was a great surprise…

About Shadow Queen, it’s the demon who possessed Peach. She tried to cast the world into darkness, but Mario whipped her butt good. If you want more information about her, the best way is the Mario wiki here, not use to copy/paste all the site… XD

If you look at the drawing, there is something really awesome, the Shadow Queen exactly do what Peach (possessed) do. You can see it for the hands and peach tongue, I fact Peach is licking herself and fingering Rosalina with the Shadow Queen, that really original…. You did an awesome illustration lordghoul… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

With requests I only let the artist free to draw what he want and have fun make the drawing but like this there is often greats surprises, I discover new characters and situation I never imagine… And lordghoul have a great gallery, don’t hesitate to take a look here… Hope you like it guys… ^^

Artist: Lordghoul / Cost: 0$ (request)