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#113 – OC – BooBoo KittyFuck

After ask requests and commission  in hentaifoundry, I find a lot of nice artists, that’s so nice to see their kindness and interest for my projet but there is an other thing really interesting, it’s their original characters… They are not famous as manga or video game characters but I see some really cute and beautifull, I’m really when the artist accept to drawn it with Rosalina… It’s more interesting, original and when I publish the drawing here, I’m happy to show something new. Not a character who is already in a lot of fanarts but an other, less famous but awesome too… ^^

And this time the new OC who meet Rosalina is BooBoo KittyFuck, I say it’s a pretty curious name but it’s a so cute catgirl belong to Furui who send me a really nice mail and say:

I was just wondering… Can I do a free little drawing for you, for the non-hentai blog? Just a little one, and it might take me some time, I was just so inspired for your love of Rosalina I wanted to. Maybe it could be her and Booboo Kitty Fuck?

Of course I accepted and receive this awesome drawing but I think Furui miss some clothes and can’t publish it in the soft blog (Rosalina and Girl), what a pity. But I think a lot of you here prefer this version than something more soft and it’s a so nice pic so thanks so much for your kindness Furui… (^o^)/

Artist: Furui  /  Price: Request