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#238 – Solo – Just so cute

At start I was a little sad receive a lot of drawing with only Rosalina, like my blog name and project it’s not the best way, like there is something missing. But after all, the more important is Rosalina, for me it’s the mroe beautifull and cutest character in the world so other girl or not it’s just so nice have one more Rosalina to show… Oh yeah… XD

And this time I’m so happy to show you this lovely and pretty original Rosalina drew by izka197 and commissioned by this awesome tallon90 who is really helpfull… Thanks so much tallon90 and congratulation for your awesome job izka197… Hope you like it guys (you must like it in fact)… ^^

The pose is reallt simple but I said Rosalina look really original with izka197 style because her hair style. Like the original character, Rosalina have a lock who hide her right eye, it’s an important part of Rosalina style. izka197 drew this lock more bigger as she need and like this we easilly reconize Rosalina but as me she look really different, still so beautifull but different, that funny…

Thnaks again for your support tallon90, I never expected find someone who can help me with the blog so much as you do… In fact I often dream abotu this but never expected it can happend… And don’t hesitate take a look to izka197‘s profil, you can see she have a lovely style and great commission prices, 5$ for a waist-up or 10$ for a full-body, that’s really interesting… ^^

Artist: izka197 / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
www.izka197.deviantart.com / www.tallon90.deviantart.com