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#130 – Solo009 – Strange mushrooms

I reseted yesterday the small votes and I’m happy to see a lot of new votes… Maybe the 2 dislikes, of course but with more than 500 views by day I think it’s not a bad score… I want to say I’ll add a watermark in all picture in the blog with the link to the blog, like this it can be really nice if people show picture here in other sites… ^^

So the Rosalina of the day was drew by IronBite from Hentaifoundry, he have a really nice gallerie but at start all his publication where for contest, nice thing there is a lot but I ask him to post more and maybe a pic with Rosalina… ” and.. Rosalina.. I’ll think about it:) “… And there is the result… (^o^)/

So comparate to an other pic where Rosalina having some fun with mushrooms man (see it here) this time it’s more like tentacle, first time Rosalina see it and I like her face, its not the last… The quality of this pic is awesome, I love how IronBite draw Rosalina, so beautifull and exciting in this situation and with this face, I’m just a little disapointed she haven’t high heels and about her hair style, IronBite miss some hair in front of her right eye… But that’s not a big mistake and the result is awesome… Thanks so much for your kindness IronBite… (^o^)/

Artist: IronBite / Price: Request