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#635 – Cosma, princess of the Ying and Yang

Sites like deviantArt have a huge worldwide community and sometimes some French artists but since it’s always english and people are used to talk that way I don’t really notice about that detail. Most of the time it’s the artist answering in French or saying ‘Hey, I’m French’. I wonder how they can notice it so easily with me. Maybe I’m not used to check infos on profile or there is something noticeable on my messages… O_o
Anyway paypal finally unlocked the money and I was able pay the artists. Compared to delivery service that give you the package in the shorter estimated time (and with some bonus with Rosalina’s Delivery Service), when paypal say they can keep the money from 7 to 10 days it seem they prefer the highest estimation. >.<


I didn’t talked about french artists without reason cause it’s Haarmades that is French and made Rosalina meet his lovely OC; ‘she’s the fusion of my two OC Reality and Rêvie, it make Cosma the princess of the Ying and Yang‘. The illustration looks wonderfull, both ladies so beautifull as sexy and also feel honored Haarmades created a so pretty character especially for this illustration. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
Once as me you finished focus of those perfect breasts (so perfect and a bit pointy, want to fondle them), then you can continue explore this illustration and never stop be amazed by all details, Haarmades really did a powerfull job. Starting with Rosalina it can looks kinda classic outfit but lingerie really give a magical touch to a lady and this blue transparent suit with star motifs suit her perfectly, she got her crown, earrings and medallion, just so bad there is power stars instead of Lumas but those little things are so pure and innocent that it’s kinda better don’t see her looking soooo sexy. Rosalina can have some private and relaxing time and Haarmades gave her a nice friend.
Then after Rosalina and the background no way to miss talk about Cosma, Haarmades also worked a lot on her creating a beautifull lady and cool design. As you can see the ying and yang are everywhere, hairstyle, dress color and buttons and one over her head too. Only her panty is fully black but looking at that part is not really with pure idea and in other side there is the aureola over her head so it keep a perfect balance. I hope Haarmades will get opportunity to draw her again in the future or create more wonderfull (and sexy) character… °w°
Once again thanks for your hard work on this illustration Haarmades and for more guys don’t miss visit his Deviantart gallery, for sure you can ask for a commission; 30$ for a fullbody, 5$ for extra character and 5$ for nude version (btw, wonder there isn’t nude for this piece, as lingerie lover this one is perfect for me). You can also support him over patreon and for 20$ you get a commission so even more powerfull in that way… Oh yeah…

Artist: Haarmades / Cost: 35$
DeviantArt: www.haarmades.deviantart.com

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