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#641 – Horns and femdom

Wasn’t here lately and bad news when I’m back, I first received notification that I got two new patreon members and wanted to write a thanks message but noticed they left after stole the content (those bastards), if only patreon can prevent this shit and block access to content until there is a confirmed pledge. Maybe it does exist but must contact patreon about that.
Other bad new about the newsletter, recently it stopped work and most of the subscribers wasn’t able to receive it, at first thought it must be a problem from the plugin and tried several other systems/sites but always the same result. I discovered than some mails are blocked after sending and after some researches that the blog is blacklisted on some places cause corrupted, checked all the site and nothing so I’ll wait and see how things goes.


 Then many external troubles with that project but that’s not enough to stop it and let me present you the next illustration I received from Ar018. Rosalina exploring a new world meet two faun girls and seem it’s kinda the melting season for those two horns girls that decided to abuse of the sweet princess body or maybe it’s Ar018 that imagine that race to be really naughty in general.
First of all, Faun girls are mythological half humain-half goat,humain from head to chest excepted the fact they have horns, also Fauns and Satyrs were quite different creatures and you can read more about both on this wiki page. Also for those into Wracraft, be sure as if Fauns and Draenei have some anatomical similarities, they origin, story and either skin are totally different. So be careful talking to Ar018 or other artist to be sure don’t say something stupid confusing Faun, Satyr or Draenei.
Ar018 always drew several illustrations with his so pretty as sexy faun girl but never expected he will decide then pairing them with Rosalina when accepted to participate to the project pairing a virtual princess and myological animal girl. This impossible crossover looks really surprising but work perfectly with Ar018 that was able make both fit perfectly together then then make sometime damn hot that little perverts must enjoy, thanks so much… \(^o^)/
And about pervert side I sure you noticed Ar018 drew a really hot illustration, Rosalina giving a cunni being anal fisted and that red color on her hole make it even more rough. Really love that painting style on the background that is really fantasy and both those girls are ravishing, and the black haired one have so perfect breasts that no one can resist fondle them but as you can see hear, Ar018 teach us that we must be really careful with Faun girl.
Feel a little stupid cause when Ar018 sent me the illustration, I focused to ask him put the link of the blog first cause when illustrations are shared on other forums or sites like rules34 it’s the only way I have to promote the project and it’s after that I noticed Rosalina hair lock is on the front of her left eye instead of the right. Also didn’t wanted to reverse it myself destroying what Ar018 created and also his signature so I keep this error for myself (face hitting desk). Anyway don’t miss take a look at Ar018‘s art cause many more faun ladies and epic illustration (naughty too for sure), he’s on DeviantArt, HentaiFoundry and Tumblr so no way miss him… Oh yeah…

Edit: Ar018 offered me to edit the illustration to fix Rosalina hair. Thanks so much \(^o^)/
Artist: Ar018 / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: www.ar018.deviantart.com
Deviantart: www.ar018.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Ar018/profile

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