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#070 – Dragon Crow – sorceress


I generaly don”t ask for more than 15$ commission but I find the artist Andrys in Hentaifoundry and think he have a really good style so I accepted his price… At start he proposed Amalia or Evangelyne from Wakfu but Evangeline already exist with Rosalina (see drawing here) and I don’t think Amalia must be nice with this more realistic style.

I submited Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown or Menace from queen blade and he decided to start with the Sorceress… That’s a nice thing because it a character I really want to see with Rosalina. I asked her to an artist there is some time but his price was a little expensive so I decided to pass on the commission… But now, I have my Sorceress with Rosalina… How nice… (^o^)/

Other Andrys particularity, he love futa, and you can see it on his gallerie… So he send me 4 sketchs with 2 futa and 2 normal versions… As me the more important is the artist have pleasure make the drawing so I choose the Sorceress as futa and like the result, it’s not a really bad thing…. I hope you love this drawing… ^^

Artist: Andrys  /  Price: 20$