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#543 – Pokemon #157 – Fire of love with Typhlosion

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Typhlosion hentai
I continue working on the Gallery page slowly increasing it to get the full blog collection, 20 more illustrations will be added today and if everything fine it must be up-to-date on August. I hope you already visited it and discovered some cool pieces just don’t forget to also take a look at the Wishlist page (here) to find all illustrations by series.
At the moment I’m spending more efforts working on another project at ChibiBead.deviantart.com, I started one with a friend I lost and make this project again for myself, the objective it to be able make some commissions who can help me financialy. The blog cost 1.000$ (kinda) per year and with the ads, I’m able to get 5$ PER YEAR. I’ll never stop that project but cause life it’s kinda complicated manage it… Wish me good luck guys… ^^


After that crazy duo with Lickitung it’s time for another pokemon to join and have some intense and hot time with Rosalina, like the illustration you can be sure I don’t joke with “hot”, this illustration was made by the incredible Crimson-Karma. I’m more fan of cute and sweet pokemon while playing games from the series but that’s powerfull how artists can make badass pokemon turn into so lovely, adorable and sensual anthro girls, the charizard (see it here) was incredible and now I must admit I also love so much that version of Typhlosion. Also if you wonder, it’s Crimson-Karma‘s favorite pokemon.
So much fire and so much love in this piece, if you already saw pokemon movies about fire pokemon, you know that we don’t have to worry about fire if the pokemon trust in you and its fire doesn’t affect you but as if Rosalina is immunized it’s not the same thing for her dress slowly burning. It’s Crimson-Karma who add this idea and I must admit it’s excellent, an original way to undress, Rosalina slowly revealing her perfect body to her lovely partner when both exchanging a long and sensual kiss. I hope you like it guys… ^^
If really love Crimson-Karma‘s art and style, if you want to see more you can be sure his gallery in HentiFoundry have so much wonderfull content including some Rosalina illustrations (of course) and an amazing comic that have great story, naughty scenes and sone nice humor. You can also find and support him on Patreon (here) so feel free to take a look if you are curious.

Artist: Crismon-Karma  /  Cost: 58$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/crimsonkarma
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Crimson-Karma/profile

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