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#688 – Edward Wong creampie

No dedicated illustration for 2017 don’t mean I don’t work hard, I’ll get Curriculum, Artist of the month and Where is my pokemon? pages up to date and there will be a major improve on the Wishlist and finally some new managing rules my side but I’ll explain all soon so stay tuned. For now I hope you had a fun Christmas guys… ^^
Also some news with Lunakiri that started a comic project that you can see here. This is going to update Mondays. Beginning on January 2 and for little pervert the best part must be ‘There also will be plenty of nudity and sexytimes‘. Don’t miss to have at look and you can support the comic on its dedicated patreon page


I never expected to get Edward Wong from Cowboy Bebop as first character of the series to join Rosalina, Azure2290 surprised me but it’s also a thing I like giving artist more freedom. The main idea was a creampie from tentacles, as messy lover that sounded so powerfull and as if we don’t see a lot the tentacles (that I can’t deny would be lot of work) Azure2290 sure did a great job on both ladies and the creamy touch… °w°
Since Edward is young girl, the size difference give a really nice effect, with Rosalina personality, Azure2290 made her looks like a really naughty but protective and careful mother but don’t miss enjoy that sweet body, exploring it with her hands and caressing that filled pussy before have a taste of that little cum mixed with Edward love juice from her dirty hand. We don’t see so much of Rosalina face but Azure2290 was able keep it really expressive and love Edward hand going on her hair giving more interaction into both ladies.

You can also discover about Azure2290 when streaming on Picarto (here) or Piczel (here) depending what kind of stuff he’s working on. Personally I love so much his OC Hotaru that you can see on the left appearing in many great illustrations and some kinky gifs. If you wish for more, Azure2290take requests that can vary in how good it comes out and now take commissions‘. Anyway you can also support Azure2290 on patreon, so many places to visit and enjoy… Oh yeah…

Artist: Azure2290 / Cost: 25$
Tumblr: www.nsfwazure.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Azure2290
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=5967844
Picarto (streaming): www.picarto.tv/Azure2290
Piczel (streaming): www.piczel.tv/watch/Azure2290

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