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#615 – Indivisible pleasure

This blog is in honor to Rosalina for sure but also all artist that help me with the project. Also an illustration isn’t just what you see once the artist publish it, each one need lot of work and have its own story, sometimes fun, sometimes originals but some are sad too, luckily it’s rare. ^^’
Also was able to get back all data from my hard drive, was kinda expensive but I prefer that way that lost everything. Now all refs folders are back so it can start again. Just keep in mind that a regular back-up can sounds really annoying but is really more powerfull when that kind of shit happen.


A new publication that had to be here since long time and that finally come cause I always said every pieces deserve to be on the blog and OJ also did a great job on her side so no reason make her wait longer (and no reason make her wait at all in fact) but this one always make me sad and stupid cause what happened when I commissioned OJ, that my fault after all but you never feel happy about something stupid you did. U_u
All started with this screen I made from a porn movie and that I love so much to use as reference, wanted to see Rosalina in that way.When Halloween was here OJ opened special commissions with a great discount and was a nice opportunity mix many fetishes I had in mind. Rosalina in that pose, a trio with OJ and Suika‘s respective OC and some outfits for Halloween. Rosalina dressed as Tinkerbell, Suika‘s OC as Peter pan and OJ‘s one as Captain Hook, love so much Tinkerbell that Rosalina like this would have be so damn sexy and but admit I considered that ideas as the best (and more exciting) I had for the year and was so happy seeing OJ make that idea come true… °w°
Now start the sad part, as you know artist and real life don’t always miss so nicely and OJ was really busy with other things so no time to work on the illustration on the first weeks. Once she was finally back and ready Halloween was over and I suggested do something different and then a trio with the mascot Ajna and Baozhai from Indivisible game.
Since the new idea wasn’t Halloween related I lost the discount (logical) so had to reduce quality due to by budget and it ended with a flat colors illustration. OJ sure did her best so the final version is really cool and she sure worked hard on it but due to my decision I destroyed the costume fetish and lovely trio I had in mind at first. Shit. U_u
At last I hope you enjoy this illustration and OJ efforts guys, feel free to take a look to her gallery for many (better) illustration, some sensual pieces to other more kinky but also with a sensual mix into cuteness and sexiness, no want you can’t be addicted to her powerfull style.

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