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#710 – Making a blind record

This one had to be the previous post, I know I had to publish an illustration by Lunakiri but I was confused seeing the one with Kainé and though it’s this one that had to be published and then I already did it. I asked Lunakiri to have the illustration done in time when NieR Automata is available and she did it but on my side, I made this fucking error, how stupid U_u
And I also have to apology to Mazzacho that did an awesome job but you’ll have to wait until next week to discover. I really want a week dedicated to patreon and he helped me to make epic but he fill also have to wait cause my bad organisation, I’m really sorry… T_T


So here is the second illustration of NieR Automata series, after a sexy stripper show with Kainé (see it here), this time it’s Yorha type a no.2 (alias A2) enjoying Rosalina’s talented mouth also created by Lunakiri, not sure I told it but it’s her that will work on the entire series and be sure upcoming piece with be even more naughty. After made the sketch
The first particularity of this illustration is that Rosalina face is hidden by A2, after Lunakiri made the sketch she asked me if she would be a problem like how I’m addicted to Rosalina and was ready to redo it or at last reverse A2 and Rosalina place. Her idea and sketch was really cool so I decided keep it and about place A2 in the bottom, I told Lunakiri that Rosalina will always appear but this may be the only illustration with A2 so better keep a better view on her. It also appeared than due to the actual pose and point of view, Kaine outfit works better than Rosalina dress that would be harder to manage.
Enjoying Rosalina cunni and that she can’t see that much, A2 take the opportunity to make a nice record of this moment, I wish this one would be just a screenshot from a real video that Lunakiri and I’ll sure fight a lot to get a full copy. Anyway this illustration is already awesome, love the exhibitionist touch from the recording and that Rosalina may don’t know about. Also Lunakiri managed really well the clothes and shadows, not easy make so much folds on Rosalina’s dress but the result is epic and I often talk about this point on Lunakiri‘s illustration but not that much artists that draw the dress that detailed with so many fold and shading. Also on the kinky side the pussy juice make it even more exciting for for sure it’s not a video for kinds but I won’t complain… I hope you also enjoy the show guys… ^^
And it’s far to be done cause there is 5 more characters from NieR series to come with Rosalina, I already have idea for pose with 2B and a trio with Devola and Popola but first prefer Lunakiri be quiet for a moment and have a break with Rosalina. Maybe cause I still feel bad made her rush on it and fail publish in time (I always worry so much). For now don’t miss discover more on her website (here) and give some support on patreon (here), more than ‘need‘ support, she really deserves it… *hug*…

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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