#195 – Spice & Wolf – Horo

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Spice & Wolf Horo

Just saw a video of Nekomi nerowear and now you can be sure I want it, and for people who don”t know what I mean, more info here: http://neurosky.com/necomimi/… Maybe the product cost 95$ so it’s pretty expensive at start but officials sites only work for Japan and United States… Don”t want one at 170$ on Ebay so if you know something helpfull, don’t hesitate post a comment, thanks guys… ^^

Crying time is now over, because I’m glad to show you the new drawing by the lovely artist Zendilet who said he like to contribute to my blog… And if you take a look at his gallery (see it here) you can see it’s the first time she draw yuri… Little quote: ‘I don’t do yuri as a general rule, I’ll make an exception in your case‘. That’s so nice… Thanks so much Zendilet… (^o^)/

I’m sure a lot of you know Horo, maybe if you don’t read the manga I’m sure already see a fanart of this girl (I can add sexy like people who come here)… So Zendilet did an awesome job and the result is just beautifull, They look so lovelly, sexy and pretty expressive (especialy for Rosalina face) maybe I love Horo face, her tongue like this is so exciting… I was a long time I wanted to see Rosalina with Horo and it’s now done… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Zendilet / Price: Request

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