#202 – Solo – Sexy Rosalina (as always)

It was a long time I don’t see new followers or comments… Not use to talk about the “contest”, the post is here since… Hum… Two months and I received only one feedback… Thanks for visiting and reading (maybe if you do this)… But it can be nice to hear you a little… Just a little must be fine… T_T

In fact there is people who hear me a lot, it’s all hentaifoundry artist, My first objective in this site is find new artists who can contribute to the blog but after some times, it’s nice to take the time talk a little and have news friends… I am a perverts, they are pervert and there is a lot of interesting persons… ^^

And about interesting person, this time it’s the lovely Eromanboy who contribute to the blog for the second time (You can see his first picture here). In Eromanboy‘s Rosalina and Peach drawing, Rosalina had hair in front of her left hair and Eromanboy though that he used bad colors for the skin so it’s a new one… Solo Rosalina but so beautifull, she’s like a sexy pin-up for a banner… And you can be sure I love this type of banner, Rosalina with lingerie and high heels look so beautifull and sexy… XD

I must apologize because I’m really late with the blog, really busy but drawings are waiting since more than a month so I’ll do my best this week publish new pics, not sure I can publish one per day but I must try… For all artists who contributed… Thanks guys… Thanks for your support and patience… T_T

Artist: Eromanboy / Price: Request

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