#103 – Solo004 – Latex

So 50.000 views are done… I’m not an artist so don”t do kiriban (what can I gift?) but thanks for all who visit my blog… Now you can comment or help me buy nice commissionwith the little gadget in the right… ;p

So this time there is two drawing by WatchTehTail a pretty good Hentaifoundry artist who drew a sexy Rosalina in latex dress as request… Thanks so much for your kindness… (^o^)/

I love this drawing, her latex dress is awesome and her face is amazing, she have a really captivating glance… Just so beautifull… ^^

Let’s finish with the artist quote, don’t hesitate to see WatchTehTail gallerie, there is a lot of nice work, but the better pic il always this one with Rosalina… ;p

Always thought her dress would look awesome made out of latex…anyway I enjoyed this request so much I made 2 versions…Hope you like!

Artist: WatchTehTail / Price: Request

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