#151 – Solo – Just Rosalina

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn bikini

Since this week-end, a lot of new pics are ready to upload so I’m sure to have ehough drawings for two weeks comming, I’m just a little sad don”t havec any comment about the content for the 200th publication… Maybe I don”t say if it will be interesting for the moment… ^^

But not a lot of time to be sad because now I’m happy show you the new drawing, just a simple and wet Rosalina with two versions but the result is pretty nice… In fact the only problem with multiple versions like this is I never say if I count this as two drawings or just one for the first post… So stupid… T_T

A huge thanks to pocki07 who accept draw Rosalina for his first request on HentaiFoundry and he make two versions… Thanks so much pocki07… (^o^)/

Hope guys you like these two versions (naked and clothed) maybe like rosalina “clothes” ( don’t remember the name), it’s pretty similar but she’s so beautifull and exciting like this… I love her face, sexy but  pretty adorable, that’s why I don”t want to see guys with Rosalina, I must be really jealous… XD

So don’t hesitate to take a look to pocki07’s gallery (click here), he done some pics and requests awesome (His Megumi Nakajima is incredible), What a pity he don’t add a second girl with Rosalina, I love his style, but I prefer have this than nothing… Of course… XD

Artist: pocki07 / Price: Request

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