#140 – Red Lantern – Bleez

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 Dungeon Defenders is really a funny game, you just have to place towers, start the wave and nothing to do during 15mn… So I have time to play the game and post her, that’s pretty nice… But what can I do during next wave???   Hum…

New (lucky) girl that meet Rosalina, this time it’s Bleez from Red Lantern, sincerely I don”t know these before this post so a little Wiki quote and nobody stupid, maybe it’s a great idea… XD
So Bleez was a beautiful winged woman who regularly stuck her nose up at those she thought were less than her. Kidnapped and moved to the city Ranx during the Sinestro Corps War, Bleez was intended to be entertainment for Sinestro’s soldiers. She attempted an escape when a battle with the Green Lantern Corps devastated Ranx, but the Sinestro Corpsman caught her. And just as she was ready to die in the vacuum of space, a Red Lantern Power Ring approached her… Don’t want to quote more so the rest is here… ^^

And about the artist (the more important in fact), this time it’s TeaTree who draw as commission for this blog, maybe she have a great style, nice price so don’t hesitate to take a look to her gallery and if you want to ask her a commission (the best is with Rosalina), don’t hesitate… ^^

In fact I think I miss one of her mail about the commission and when I see the publication in her Hentaifoundry gallery, I don’t have an idea about what I can say. Maybe I post the drawing hope she answer with a comment or other… Hope she’s not angry too… T_T).

Artist: TeaTree / Price: Request

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