Pokemon – #143 Snorlax

I think you noticed about the new blog design. After hear again and again that I must change a little the design, maybe because the comic (here) but I finally did it and it’s a huge thanks to Ska Jr Zombie for his support and help. Must learn to use photoshop, it will be really usefull but look so complex… O_o

Also, tomorrow the blog will have 3 years of existence, nothing planned but there is the free raffle event who allow you win a free illustration and you just have to put an idea… See here how to win


Today time to increase “Where is my pokemon?” collection adding a new pokemon lady to the list. Seem that Rosalina found a PokeFlute and wanted to play a little while relaxing under a tree and she will notice soon that it have some special effects. It’s a huge thanks and congrat to Epicsubterfuge who is back after Emolga and Illumise (both are here) for a new illustration. Oh yeah… ^^

Really love that drawing and Snorlax outfit, as if it can look really simple it’s easy to recognize the original pokemon so Epicsubterfuge made an excellent job. Snorlax is also a really huge pokemon but I prefer this lovely (and pretty sexy) chubby girl instead of a fat one. About the scene, you can see the first sketch Epicsubterfuge made and also the line. sincerely his second idea look really more powerfull as me. With the sketch I was a little septic about the snorlax suit but it look powerfull on the colored version, love the sweater design and I’m sure it can make a popular product… Anybody interested?

The only point I don’t really like are Rosalina’s breasts, I prefer it more perfect and bouncy as for the Snorlax lady or as for Emolga but for the rest it’s just excellent. You can be sure Epicsubterfuge really increase his art between each illustrations and the next one (already finished) also look excellent. This one you will have a lovely catgirl with Rosalina and a powerfull background. Will appear sound of the blog but if you want it earlier keep an eye on Epicsubterfuge’s gallery… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 5$

One year ago: Solo – Simple and soft


  1. EpicSubterfuge

    You should have told me that issue about Rosa’s boobs… I could’ve done it differently. An yway, I apologize for that, would you like having it changed?

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Well, you alredy made a powefull redo so I didn’t wanted to ask you to make change again.


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