#331 – Original Character – Lili

Japan Expo is coming soon and Rosalina will be in Paris in a few days (I you don’t remember my Rosalina cosplay it’s here). I will be really busy for a week so don’t expect me to be really active but don’t worry if I don’t answer to your messages or mails but I won’t forget you… Oh yeah… ^^

I also hope this blog will be more and more active because I want to create a little event to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. Not sure I will have the budget for a true contest but we cant’ miss this birthday in any case… ^^


If you already visited Hentaifoundry and never hear about Gmeen you must have to fix it now and take a look at his profile (here). He’s a really powerfull, talented and pleasant artist who don’t just draw great (and so hot) illustrations but also made amazing gifs and flash animation. Gmeen drew a lot of girls, made a lot of animations, sometimes with Peach but this time he drew Rosalina… Just for me… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

In fact Gmeen didn’t only drew Rosalina but decided pair her with his amazing OC Lili. she’s a really gorgeous and pervert catgirl who love shota and huge dicks but this time she meet Rosalina and is really happy to discover than she have more powerfull attributes. Artist generally draw Rosalina with biggest breats than the original character but it’s not enough to beat Lili (don’t worry Rosalina, you’re still my favorite). ^^

Gmeen really made an amazing job, Rosalina and Lili are really powerfull like this, Rosalina having a lovely face and Lili more expressive, Now she know who have the biggest and is really happy about the result of this little contest (Though I’m sure she never doubt about that)…

In fact Gmeen just made a little error with Rosalina hair because she have hair in front of her right eye and not the left but like Rosalina position, artists don’t have choice to cheat if they want the result look great. Not the first time it happen, probably not the last but that’s understandable. Rosalina face is so lovely so it must be stupid to hide it… Oh yeah…

Funny (maybe) detail about Gmeen, there is a site who use is art as preview for hentai movies but if you subscribe for free gifs it must be really stupid so I won’t show the link of the site but just a little screen… Be carefull guys, Gmeen’s art is damn powerfull but also dangerous… XD

Artist: Gmeen / cost: 0$ (Gift)

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